Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adding needles to the Knitting Machine

August 20, 2008. Today I decided I would like to knit a shawl on the knitting machine, however the pattern called for more stitches than I had needles. So off to the store I go and I purchase an extension bed of 50 needles. How complicated can this be? After all you just add the piece with the needles, insert the length of foam under the other needles and screw down the clamp. Finally change the piece so your needles match the numbers LOL.
First of all, when you take out the foam to change it, most of your needles fall out because this is what the foam does, it holds the needles in place. So I pulled out the foam and when I flipped the machine over, all the needles flipped out onto the floor, all 150 of them. Now I unscrew the pieces and the two plastic needle beds are supposed to snap together. Not mine! I call dh and get him to get out the soldering gun and ask him to do some modifications to make the two pieces fit together. No problem, he does his task in 2 minutes. I reassemble the beds, screw everything down and put in the needles. The carriage slides up and down the bed with no problem. Wait a minute, there is a needle not lying down properly. I do a manual slide with the needle and it takes both hands. it is sticking and will not slide nicely. Next I add a little hand cream and that should do it. NOT! It appears the groove is too tight for the needle. Out comes my emery board for filing nails, I'll just file down the sides a bit. Wrong! That doesn't work either, neither does the craft knife. It appears this slot is where the join in the beds is located and therefore is unadjustable. Does plastic stretch after a time??? So I will knit and try to avoid using that needle. Tomorrow its off to the shop and find out how to fix the problem.

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