Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seed Beads

I am cross stitching a LK design and having so much fun with it. I thought it needed a little bit of pizzaz, so I bought some seed beads to add as decoration. Much to my chagrin, this evening, I managed to drop the box of a gazillion seed beads onto the carpet. There I was down on my hands and knees trying to see these beads on the berber carpet which is a brown and green tweed. Immediately I have both cats right in there trying to help me. I ended up taking the table lamp down to the floor and removing the shade. Then like a magician in full force, I waved the light bulb over the carpet, so that the beads would shine and let me know where they were hiding. 2 hours later I have a container full of seed beads, cat hair and numerous unknown objects. Tomorrow I will have to deep clean the carpet once more and listen to the missing beads rattle up the pipe, like lemmings hastening to the edge of the cliff.
Tomorrow I will pick up the stitchery and try again to get those beads onto the fabric and off the carpet.

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