Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chauffering Stuart Little

Until now, all my posts have been stitching related, but I decided I should share with you my new job. I am now chauffering "Stuart Little too" in my Toyota Corolla. This little mouse has a variety of interests and travels to my stitching groups, to my classes, shopping and to the gas station. He never complains and I never see him but I know he is there by the miniature presents he leaves behind on the carpet in the back seat and the 4" square that went missing out of my fleece blanket.

We have tried very unsuccessfully to capture this little mouse so he could be released into the wild. However he must be fully domesticated because he manages to avoid all our concentrated efforts. We are fulling supporting Canadian Tire as we purchase all the different rodent traps to try and capture this mouse. Its like reliving a scene out of the movie "Mouse Trap".

Day 1 We put in the old fashioned wood trapthe mouse ate the peanut butter without setting off the trap.

Day 2 Simon (my hubby and my hero) puts in a big chunk of cheese, the next morning the cheese is gone but the trap is unsprung.

Day 3, Back to Canadian Tire and we purchase the plastic grey box. You put the cheese in the back and when the mouse walks in it causes the door to swing shut. It works similar to a teeter totter, when the mouse goes to the back, the front lifts and closes the door. Guaranteed to catch all sizes of mouse (hahahaha). The next morning the cheese is gone, the box is closed and the mouse is nowhere to be found.

Day 4 We tried again with another piece of cheese and very carefully situated the box on the flat part of the rubber mat, making sure we followed all the instructions.
This morning the box is closed, the cheese is gone and so is the mouse.

Day 5, Today, we went back to Canadian Tire and purchased the cardboard box that is sticky inside like fly paper. Guaranteed to have your mouse stuck to the cardboard and it is scented with pheremones designed to attract the mouse. hahhahahah. We will set the trap a little later tonight and see what the morning brings.

So as you can see, I feel I am partaking in a major part in the movie “Mouse Trap” and the mouse is still running free. Now that I am now chauffering Stuart Little too during the day and spending the evenings thinking up ways to capture him, who has time for work or to catch up on UFO’s. . . .

You will be the first to know if we ever manage to catch him. The next step is to go to the dealership and remove the glove box. Last year we had a mouse who made his next on my filter that sits behind the glove box, so maybe this guy figures he has his winter condo in my car BUT NOT FOR LONG. . . .

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