Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Milanese Movement - JD Stitch Sampler

On Friday 31 October, I purchased the Page 2 of the JD stitch Sampler called the Milanese Movement, along with a few other necessary items. Some of you probably haven't had time to even look at the page but I, being an overachiever and a little OCD, decided to jump right in. I have attached a photo so you can see the progress. Unfortunately, my light blue colors are not showing as well as I would have liked.

Yes, I did work on other things this weekend. I read the book "Sisters" by Danielle Steele on Saturday in between shopping, running errands and catching up on household chores which included doing some baking and mending.

Monday was spent running the roads again after the furnace people came in and did their annual maintenance. Somewhere along the line, I managed to pull a few muscles down my right side, I think it was the heavy bag of groceries or digging in the garden LOL.

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