Sunday, December 14, 2008

Milanese Movement Finished!

Today I completed Page 2 the Milanese Movement by JD. I am so excited and now I have to just wait for Page 3 in January. I have small beads in the top row in every other square. The second row has Krenik metallic thread in the centers. The Pinwheel row has white beads in the center and the very last row of friendship stars has Krenik in the center of the stars.

This week I have been very busy. Managed to get my Christmas presents for the kids finished and in the box to Calgary.

I see Stuart Little is leaving signs that he has been back visiting again. I believe he might be living under my back seat. So its off to Toyota on Monday morning to find out how to remove the back seat and to obtain a new wiper blade for the windshield. I was a little to enthusiastic in my frozen rain removal and managed to remove the rubber on the wiper. hahahha.

I have had a few minutes to play with my embroidery machine this week, so I will be posting photos of those projects later this week.

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