Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Projects worked on this week

This week is just flying by. I have worked more on my Ink Circles Peregrinations as you can see in the photo. I really am enjoying the colors I have chosen to work this piece in and it is on a pink background.

On another note, as I prepare for a Craft show at the end of March, I have been making table toppers. here is a photo of the pink one all embroidered and ready to go. They are 20" x 22" approximately. I am making them in all different colors, so there will be something to please everyone. They will have different designs as well.

I am on row 4 of page 3 of our JD Stitching Sampler, however, have not taken a photo yet. I am really enjoying mixing the greens and finding new varigated threads with shades of green in them. It is very exciting.

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