Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas Ornament Finish

I finished my first Christmas Ornament for this year.  It was one of those found in the Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.  I, of course, changed the colors and background and added a few things, like the 2009.It was my first experience, mounting a piece of cross stitch on a board, cutting the board into a shape and finishing it off with ribbon.

I think the rest of my ornaments will be the soft kind like miniature pillows, a lot less work and less glue.

I have already started another one, a Celtic cross done in blues.  It is going quite quickly, I have it half done in just an evening.

On another note, it was my 60th Birthday on Sunday.  My hubby came up with the perfect gift for me who has just about everything she needs.  I certainly didnt want clothes or perfume or jewellery.  My darling husband has very good ideas.  I have quite the education, courses here and there at various universities and colleges but never actually obtained a degree and it was the only thing I have regretted not doing.  My husband gave me an Honourary Degree in Wisdom.  Here are the photos, not only did we go for dinner in Stockdale Mills and had filet mignon but he arranged everything with the people at Stockdale Mills and I had a formal presentation of the certificate with flowers, the gown, champaign and all the trimmings.  Here are the photos.  Lloyalist College was most helpful with the gowns and one of the copy shops in Belleville assisted him with the certificates.

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