Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TGOS Challenge #1 - "Dare to be different"

Kirsten Edwards posted a challenge on her blog.  We had to take the motif and do something interesting.  I love miniature wallhangings and bell pulls.  So out came the White Lugana 25, my needle, scissors and varigated floss.  One can never have too much of this type of floss.  I started stitching over one and realized quickly at this rate I would be blind in no time, so I frog stitched everything and started again.  This time after one motif was completed, I saw that I had a mistake at the beginning.  So out it came again, by now my white lugana was looking grey.    Another piece of lugana, stitching over 2 with the magnifying glass and I was well on my way.  I like to make statements with my cross stitch and so here is the final product.  It makes an excellent bell pull or very large bookmark.  This piece would be perfect on a bag for Red Hatters as the threads I chose are reds and purples.

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