Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday 15 January at Ann's

Once again, we had a lovely afternoon at Ann's.  This is so therapeutic for me, as good as going to the spa and the price is right.   I am always so inspired when I come home after seeing all the different projects on the go.  We started off with Ann and I, then Catherine our new stitcher arrived, and shortly thereafter, along came Cheryl and Ann West.  Then Birdie popped in for a short visit and before you knew it, we were all stitching away and having a great time.

 I presented Ann with her gift to take to Nashville and here is the photo I promised you.  As you can see she is really pleased.

Then we had a little bit of show and tell, starting off with Cheryl who has started a new project.

Catherine who is our new stitcher has done wonderful progress on her bookmark.  Her stitching is very good for her second project.

Here we have Ann West and our Ann, discussing stretcher frames to use on Ann West's project.

We also got to see the preview of Ann's stitchery book by JD,  She is going to post more detailed photos on her blog.

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