Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kaleidescope - Lessons Learned

There is a reason why pages are numbered in these patterns.  I finished Page 1 and started Page 2, when I saw that Page 3 was just a little one, I thought I would stitch Page 3 and then come back and finish Page 2.  I finished Page 3 and then when I went back to Page 2 I was out by one stitch and this pattern is such that you cant fudge it.  So yesterday, I ripped out all of Page 3 and today I am working on Page 2. 

After sitting in our stitch group Friday afternoon at Ann's, I realized why its important to have a rotation method.  So starting next week, (just because I like to start things on a Monday), I am going to set up a rotation of my stitching projects.  I especially like Cheryl's idea where she keeps them all together in a box and when she works on one, she moves it to the back and starts on the next one at the front.  I can see me having a huge crate setup in the living room LOL.  Actually, I think 5 projects should keep me busy for a little while (Monday to Friday).  I also like Ann's idea of doing an ornament a month, I think I could squeeze that in my schedule.

On another note, I am going to start posting tutorials in February on Sifran Activities for quilting, applique, and sewing machine related items.  So if these things interest you, stop by and take a peek.

No photos this week, but watch for next week, as I have prepared a gift for Ann to take to Nashville and I will take her photo on Friday afternoon with the gift.

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