Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dentist and I

Last March, I went to a dentist because I had a toothache.  I informed the dentist that i thought it was abscessed and She replied, there is nothing on the x-ray.  After various trips to this dentist and having a new filling which accelerated the pain in that tooth, I went on holidays in pain.  When I came back, I again contacted the dentist who was more interested in cleaning my teeth 4 times a year to use up the credits on our insurance instead of fixing the tooth.  Eventually the pain went away.

This January, I see a new dentist and I tell him I am having problems with that tooth.  He does the x-rays and says it is abcessed.  Finally, someone who agrees with me and the dentist starts the root canal.  We get the filling out and the basic root canal started and I come home.  Then my face starts to swell, so I call the dentist and he prescribes antibiotics.  The following day, I call him again because my face is still swelling and into the office I go.  By now, I look like I have stuffed a football inside my cheek and I can no longer open my mouth or chew food.  I have a massive infection under the cheekbone and above the tooth.  The dentist now has to do emergency surgery to open the abscess so it will drain and of course, the freezing did not take, so I did not do well in the chair either.

I have a wonderful dentist, not only does he care about his patients but he does very good follow-up.  He called my home after hours on the day my face was so swollen to check and see how I was doing.  I have been in his office every Mon and Thurs since as we try to get this cleaned up.  The swelling has gone down and I am about to start my 3rd round of antibiotics.  Hopefully this will end it, as next Wed, he is going to remove the tooth as it is no longer feasible to try and save it.  If we finish the root canal, my face could become infected again which is an experience I do not wish to repeat.

Sooooo, I have done little stitching, sewing or any other crafts as I have not been well enough to sit for long periods of time.  This week I am feeling so much better and I am actually getting back into the swing of things.

I will be posting photos of my projects in the next two weeks or so.  I have to stitch like crazy just to get caught up.

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