Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bramble and Rose - Ink Circles

What have I been doing since my last post?  I have been working on my IC-The Bramble and Rose.  The center page is finished and I am now work on Page 4 which is about half done.  I really am enjoying the stitching especially because now I am doing some of the flowers in this piece.
I have managed to finish the top of my Canada Quilt this morning after attending the Thurs morning stitch group in Trenton.  Here is a photo of it partially assembled.  The quilt has been done on point and it was a Challenge quilt from CanadianQuilt Swappers to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.  13 people swapped fabrics to create their blocks and we were to assemble them in attic windows.  I did this, however, my attic windows fabric are lacking in contrast, so the 3D effect is somewhat lost.  I have added some embroidered blocks with things that are relative to this online group and make excellent filler blocks for the on point quilt.  You will have to wait for the final photo of the quilt top, as the top is 120" x 120" and I need hubby to help me hang it and take photos.

Last Friday I also attended Hoopers at Pine Ridge Knit and Sew where once a month we learn a new technique and create a wonderful embroidered project.  I can always learn something new from these classes even if I am already familiar with the technique.  Sometimes its a tip on stabilizers, threads or needles.  This month we made a linen bread bag which was embroidered on the machine, look closely ladies. 

Today I cut out the fabrics required for my Mystery Quilt.  You will find the fabric requirements and cutting instructions on the right hand side of this blog.  This new quilt will be 36" x 36", a nice table topper or a small quilt for the newborn. 

I have also designed another Mystery quilt for those of you who belong to Inspectors Club on yahoo groups.  The instructions etc. will begin in June or July and the quilt will be in two sizes, a small one 48 x 48 or double bed size 96 x 96 approx.

Our Friday stitchers from Brighton have been working hard on their projects and I will have more photos after tomorrow afternoon.  This will be our last afternoon together as Ann is back, and I will be travelling to Brighton instead.

Last but not least, I have taken up painting on Wednesday nights at Brissart Creations and I am having fun.  I am learning new techniques and brush strokes.  Of course, I had to pick one of the more difficult pictures to paint but I guess that is what overachievers do best LOL.  I will have photos of my painting's progress at the end of the month.

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