Saturday, March 13, 2010

Challenge Quilt and Friday Afternoon

Here is a photo of the finished top.  The quilt is approximately 120" x 120".  I had to move the furniture in the living room and lay thequilt out on the carpet as best I could and even then I wasnt far enough back to get all the quilt in.  My attic windows should have had a better contrasting fabric but I kind of like the dark, it makes the blocks stand out..

Our Friday afternoon went very well.  The only thing was I forgot to take photos LOL.  Catherine worked on her sweater and we now have the sleeves worked into the sweater, the next step will be to add the yoke.

Sharon and Cheryl were very industrious stitchers and got quite a bit done on their projects. 

The girls gave me a little thank you card for having them on Friday afternoons and inside was a beautiful skein of beige silk.  I loved having them come over, it sure made the time while Ann was gone, fly by.
This coming Friday, we should all be back at Ann's again.  It will be nice to see what she has brought from Nashville.

Today I finished another quilt top which I cut out yesterday.  However there will be no photos as this is the Mystery Quilt that is on this site.  It went together very quickly in about 4 hours, so I dont think anyone will have problems with this little quilt.

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