Saturday, May 1, 2010

Needlework Fest in Kingston

Today the Friday stitching group went on a road trip to the Kingston Needlework Fest.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself as its been a long time since I have gone on an all girls trip.  Sharon C drove her van and was kind enough to take all of us with her.  We arrived about 10 am, bought our tickets which included a nice lunch and began our quest for our needlework needs.  The first stop, of course, was Knowledge and Needles and we let Ann know we had arrived.  We were wearing our Knowledge and Needles teeshirts which certainly got some attention.  In the vendors mall, I didnt buy a lot but spent most of my time socializing and networking with people I had met previously but havent seen in almost a year.  It was a lot of fun to play catch up and meet new people.  There was an exhibit room and the work was exquisite.  I especially liked the fine embroidery on silk, absolutely amazing.  There was cross stitch items, silk ribbon displays, hardanger, chicken scratch, blackwork.  Just about every kind of needlework you could imagine.
Then we rounded up the group and went for lunch which was very good.  I came home fully inspired to start on all those projects.

Here is a photo of Knowledge and Needles Booth, going from left to right are Dan, Susan, Ann, and Dani.

Here are our Friday regular stitchers, lef to right, Cheryl, Catherine, Fran and Cheryl.  We are proudly wearing our Knowledge and Needles tee shirts.

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