Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Garden Photos and Friday Afternoon

Here are a few photos taken from my garden today after the rain stopped.  The first one is of my two peony bushes which I transplanted last fall.  The one on the right is the peony bushes and behind that is a snowball bush almost ready to start blooming and on the arbor is my clematis which has started growing at the beginning of May.  When it blooms the flowers are a very dark purple almost black.  The last photo on the left here is of my 4 o'clocks.  This bush attracts the humming birds and of course, like every garden I have an assortment of weeds aka wildflowers untamed.

Sharon Craven was our hostess for this past Friday afternoon of stitching.  Cheryl and I spent the afternoon going through Sharon's cross stitch magazines and patterns and choosing all the different projects which will keep us busy for a lifetime LOL.  Catherine worked diligently on her sampler and Sharon's friend Kathy from Frankford came out stitched with us as well.  Sharon's home is in a beautiful location on a wooded lot, I could get used to living in the wilderness if I had a house like hers, although at night it might be different.  I guess it is what you get used to living in the country.

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