Monday, June 14, 2010

New Bandanas for the Girls

A little while ago, Dan and Ann of Knowledge and Needles, Brighton, ON asked me if I would be willing to make their "girls" new neckerchiefs aka bandanas.  Of course, I said Yes because its a fun thing for me to do.  I went shopping and found some nice pink silky fabric and carefully embroidered their names in black on these scarves.  Then on delivery day, we had to take photos, of course.  So here we go.

Everybody get up on the step so we can take your picture.  Come Molly!

Molly!  Sit nice, its just for a minute, I promise!

Okay, everybody smile and show your neckerchiefs!

I'm tired, I need to lay down!
Look at me, I'm being good, I'm still sitting!

I'll just pose here if you don't mind.
What about over here?  This would be a good shot!

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