Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a week!

What a week I have had!  On Monday, I went for my first allergy shot for 8:30 am across the other side of Belleville, so that cancelled out my Curves first thing in the morning.  Not only that but hubby told me that we had company coming later in the week, so now I have major housework to do.  Have to remove all of those killer dust bunnies that hide under couch and only come out when the furnace kicks in.

Then I realize I have given away all my extra (polyester) quilts to the Humane Society to be made up into pads for the animals cages.  No problem, I look in my pile of UFOs and I must have about 15 quilts all sandwiched and waiting to be quilted. LOL.  So I pull out one that I made the top in 2003 and decide I will quilt this one.  (nothing like leaving it until the last minute) Tuesday, I quilted all day and got half the quilt done which is between a double bed size and a queen size.  Very pretty but a lot of work.  Here is a photo of the quilt, not finished and just laying over my queen size bed.

Then Wednesday, I remember I have 3 shirts to embroider and an apron, so the quilt gets put to one side and I sit and embroider the shirts and apron.  That takes most of the afternoon as I am finishing up the laundry, cleaning the floors and making sure fresh towels etc. are in the bathroom.  Then I have to find the air mattress which we keep for when we have overnight visitors.  I find the mattress but the plug which keeps the air in is missing.  Back to the drawing board and we decide a wine cork will do the same job, however, the cat will not leave the cork alone.  So the cat gets moved out to the garage for a couple of nights.  The garage backs onto our bedroom and she howls most of the night.

I am also in the middle of posting Mystery Quilt clues which can be found at the bottom of this blog.  So I sit and write a few more instructions for the coming Monday.   I also run out and buy $300 worth of groceries etc. Then I remember I need to work on my towels for the swap which has to be mailed by 1 September, so I try to stitch a little bit.  I am currently doing one with pumpkins and here is the other one I am working on.  My first one is 14 ct Aida and this one is 32 count and time consuming because it is so tiny compared to the Aida.

Thursday morning, company is arriving around noon.  I have to take the truck to get it rust proofed in Trenton, so I decide to combine this trip with a stitching get together.  So I drop the truck off and walk about 2 city blocks to the store.  (Boy am I out of shape!).  I stitch for a couple of hours, walk back and pick up the truck.  When I get home, hubby has also arrived and we make lunch.  Then company arrives and it is more trips to town to pick up items we forgot.  So we are busy all Thursday evening.  Friday arrives and its my "SPA" day which is a trip to Knowledge and Needles to sit and stitch, have good conversation and be totally relaxed for a couple of hours.  Then home again and out to dinner at Tomassos in Trenton and the food was excellent.  When we came home, we had coffee around a small fire in the backyard and it was nice, no bugs for a change.

Saturday morning, up again early, off to breakfast.  Then to the grocery store to pick up items for the retreat on Saturday afternoon.  Company packs up their stuff and they are on their way home and hubby drops me off to the retreat.  I forgot to bring my camera.

The stitching was absolutely gorgeous!  It was so nice to see a lot of people I havent seen in 6 months or more and so much catching up to do.  I managed to stitch 10 stitches on my pumpkins LOL.  I stuffed my face with "no-no's", bought more someday patterns and did  a walkabout to see what everyone was stitching.
Amazing the work that the ladies stitch, so much variety and dedication.  I came home very inspired and actually almost finished another pumpkin.  I had a wonderful afternoon.  Sunday (today) is a day of relaxation and maybe a little stitching.

Hopefully next week will be a little slower.

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