Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas is over and so the New Year Begins

Christmas is finally over.  We took down our Christmas trees yesterday and put everything away until the next year.  We had a quiet Christmas as we both caught colds and were not the best of company.

The New Year has begun and I have signed up for several cross stitch SALs which give a new chart monthly.  I seem to be able to accomplish more that way.  I am on the home stretch on my Ink Circles Mother Maya, it is more than half done now.  I did aim to finish by the end of December but seeing as how the frog visited, then it will be January 31.

My new studio is all set up for classes and day stitching retreats.  I have my chair set up in front of the picture window right in line with the heater.  Hopefully I will be able to spend some time out there today after I run a few errands.  If you are in town and coming my way, feel free to drop in and see me.

I will be posting some update photos next week of projects I am trying to finish and of course, my SALs.

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