Monday, January 31, 2011

January Retreat in Brighton

The January retreat at Brighton was hosted by Ann McDonald of Knowledge and Needles.  I have never laughed so much. I had the best roommate, Cheryl and between the 2 of us I think we kept the group entertained in laughter.  So here are some photos of the ladies who were at the retreat.  Warning there are a lot of photos, so I put 2 in 1 frame.

The weather was cold and not very inviting

Here we have Ann West working on her ship and below Dani and Bonnie

Brenda and Judi. Brenda is showing off her Christmas piece of stitching and on the bottom we have Catherine

These 2 lovely ladies are Clare and Cheryl
Here we have Sharon and her sister Debby and below we have Ann McDonald, our hostess.

Next is Nurse Sharon and Wendy and below is Judi

Kathy and Wendy

Catherine and Judi on top and Anne W, Catherine and Judi below
Bonnie on her cell phone-caught in the act! Then Bonnie is now stitching.

Sharon and Debby stitching away, below we have Nurse Sharon and Brenda

The Friday Stitchers group on top and Kathy stitching on her wolves.

Stitching the night away, some of us just couldnt keep our eyes open any longer.
These are Dani's stitching, just beautiful and below we have Dani, our master fire starter.

Brenda's ornament and Anne W stitching below.
Clare with her LK Halloween, finally finished.  It looks wonderful Clare!

There are more photos which can be found on Dani's blog.  We had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to the next one.

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