Monday, April 25, 2011

Stitching with Variegated Threads

On Thursday 21 April, Joanne Gatenby from X's and Oh's gave us a lesson how to make

the most use of your variegated threads. As we stitched fish, turtles and dragonflies, she explained that if you stitched in rows you would end up with a striped effect.

She suggested that we should first of all cut our floss into 18" lengths, separating the light to medium threads from the medium to dark threads.  Stitch one stitch at a time. Take a length of floss to start stitching in a block or circular area, and when your color starts to change,  move over a couple of stitches, then stitch in an area all of that color. When the floss runs out, take another length of lighter or darker color and start stitching again. You can also pull two pieces of floss, medium to dark, and reverse one piece so that the dark end is next to the medium end for a more subtle look. The result is a  mottled effect instead of striped. This method works well for the fish and the dragonflies. However, the striped effect works better on the turtle shell.

Her kits for this type of work can be found on her website and are very reasonably priced.  Thank you Joanne for this lesson.  Here is the photo of my koi fish.

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