Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Afternoon Stitchers

This week I received a new camera from my hubby for my birthday.  So I took it to the Friday afternoon stitching and the best photos are when people are taken unaware.  Note the deer in the headlights look from our charming hostess below.

She is really thinking Why on earth is she taking my photo?

This young lady is Brenda  who attended our last retreat in January 2010.  Brenda comes whenever she can play hookey from work on a Friday afternoon.

Here is Cheryl, my best buddy, especially when shopping or going to retreats.

Here we have a serious discussion going on with (left to right) Judie, Ann Miller and Catherine.

Judie, front and center LOL

Kathy Braun with her Growth Rings WIP.

Sharon Craven was there but for some reason she didnt appear in my camera.  Hmmmm?  We will get her next time when she least expects it.  We still have Sunday when we go to the Needlework Festival in Toronto.  Those 7 am shots are the best!

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