Friday, December 9, 2011

Ann McDonald's Christmas Present

Today the Friday Stitchers presented Ann McDonald of Knowledge and Needles with her Christmas present from the group. Here are the photos of her opening her gift, her surprise etc. This year's gift was organized and co-ordinated by Kathy Braun and Sharon Craven.  Sharon, unfortunately was not here today in body but was here in spirit.  The table runner has miniature birds cross stitched around the center and then in the middle we have embroidered white on white The Friday Stitchers 2011.

Here we have Ann Miller presenting Ann McDonald with a small hand stitched ornament.

Ann opening her gift from the group

Kathy Braun and Ann McDonald

Overall view of the table runner upon completion

This photo isn't as clear as I would like but you can see the embroidery.

Attendees were L-R:   Ann Miller, Marg Whittleton, Catherine Starbuck

Cheryl and Ann Miller

Catherine Starbuck and Brenda Bush

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