Saturday, June 2, 2012

I have been Stitching

I have been stitching, just working on some large pieces right now and a lot of white work which I really enjoy.  Here are a couple of photos of my current WIPs.The first is a piece of cross stitch for my living room.  It is actually on a grey green background but didnt photo as well.  The colors are not quite that bright, they are more muted.  There will be a border all the way around like shown at the start of the "C" in Cherish.

This is my hardanger table topper I am working on.  I dont have a pattern just a photo of something I saw and liked.  So I am modifying it slightly to accomodate the stitches I like and also I have changed the latticing from wrapped bars to woven bars.  It makes the latticing flatter and slightly wider.

Here is a close up of the outline of the center, so you can see the kloster blocks, the eyelets and the woven bars.

Last but not least is a photo of my whitework class I took through the embroidery guild.  I still have a few more stitches to finish before making it into a pillow. I also have it in here upside down


Kate said...

Lovely stitching. I like the hardanger piece.
Your cross stitch looks lovely.

socialsue said...

You have been really busy! I love looking at ur work! Your hardanger and cross-stitching projects are great!