Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Ramble and projects for 2013

The year 2012 is coming to a close and we have all survived the Mayan calendar end.  As you can see in the post below, I have created a new calendar which nobody can read so I guess we will be okay for another "x" amount of years.

I have taken a page from Bonnie Brown's book and I am going to try and blog each week and post photos of WIPs in progress.   If I have no photos to post, then I will write on some topic of  stitching interest --maybe some of the froggy experiences I have had. Some of the projects I have decided to undertake in our coming year of 2013 are:

Mirabilia - Garden Fairy (needs to be finished)
Told In a Garden (the month of April- I will pick a project)
HAED - Esmerelda
Joan Elliotts - Victorian House
Gameboard Sampler - SAL
Country Cottage - kustom krafts

In between all this, I am involved in a Round Robin with the Embroidery Guild which I will also start posting photos at the beginning of each month.  In April I also plan on taking an Advanced Hardanger Course as well.

Plus I will make one ornament a month and buy a Christmas present each month.  Then I will definitely be ready for Christmas.

And if this isnt enough, I am knitting sweaters for the grandchildren's birthdays and the first one is due the 1st of February LOL.

 Just jump into the deep end of the pool and dogpaddle like mad!

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Sue said...

Franny, I love your blog! The two RR's are lovely. I have that game board but haven't done anything with

I, too like TIAG and want to do one of those, as I love the Amish, and I have been looking at Joan's Victorian is such a large project, I am afraid to undertake it at the moment.