Monday, March 25, 2013

More stitching finishes

This is the swirly sheep out of the Just Cross Stitch magazine for April.  You can do it in an afternoon.

This is how I finished the Heart Challenge that I showed as a start in an earlier post last month.

This is a 3D Owl which I stitched for one of our Round Robins at Guild.  All of his feathers have been stitched individually.  It was for a very special friend.

Here is another photo of surface work done on another Round Robin


DUSTY said...

Great stitching Fran !!!

Rae Ann (aka: Raven) said...

OMG don't you ever keep yourself busy. Love the work, wish I had the patience to even try it. Look forward to seeing more.

Rae Ann (aka: Raven) said...

Wow you've kept yourself busy. I love your handy work. Wish I had the patience for even a try. Look forward to seeing more.