Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remiss in posting

I have been very naughty in that I have not posted too much on here lately.  However, I am posting everyday for the month of November on my other blog.  There is a tab at the top of the page Little Bits of Interest, just click on it and you will be able to keep up with me on a daily basis.   I am trying this challenge to see how it works out.  I will be posting other crafts I have been working on there.  Please take a moment and have a look and but I take no responsibility if you feel tired after seeing what I do in a day.  LOL.  Enjoy!

Yesterday, our power was out for about 2.5 hours around supper time.  We had a "brown out" which is when the hydro company reduces your electricity down to minimal amounts.  I was sewing at the time and when my machine started to act up, I immediately thought we had blown a fuse.  No such thing, as I tromped down the basement stairs to see what was happening, all the lights went out.  So back upstairs I went as though I had a rocket you know where.  I was going into the dark basement with no lights, I watch too many murder movies.  Thank goodness I always have candles and matches handy.  If you want to get maximum light from your candle, I set my candles into a clear flower vase.  Not only does it prevent the candle from waving in the breeze when the furnace cuts in but the vase reflects the light making it brighter than what it really is.  When our power goes out, it means no water, no furnance (no heat) and no sump pump.  Thank goodness Hydro One had it fixed within 2.5 hours.  Those people have really earned their pay cheque this month with all the problems they have had.  Well until tomorrow!

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