Sunday, January 12, 2014

One week later . . .

Here we are, almost in the middle of January, and what do you think of our weather.  The fields are like skating rinks and hubby has to keep putting salt down so I don't slip and slide under the car, trying to get in it.  This is from the aftermath of the ice storm we had earlier in December.  Here are photos of our yard a couple of days after the storm.

 You can see here, my driveway has completely disappeared.  We had to call somebody in to plow it as after all the snow, we had freezing rain, then more snow.

I haven't accomplished much in the way of sewing, my back is acting up so I can only sit for an hour or two before everything stiffens up.  I have been working on my Mystery Quilt blocks on Just Us Quilters (facebook).  Here is a peek at what I have been working on.  Hubby calls it my Garden Salad Quilt.

I am in the process of writing a brand new Mystery Quilt for a group online.  Nobody has seen this quilt yet because I only finished designing it this week.  I checked all over the internet and have not found one like it, so it will be different.

Also we finally took our Christmas tree down this week.  With hubby's schedule changing like it has, there has been no time to get it done.  As usual, the living room now looks very bare in that corner where the tree was.  Note the fireplace screen because Dusty kept removing the ornaments and chewing the greenery on the tree.

This is me right into the thralls of sewing like crazy trying to catch up on all the quilt blocks that I have signed up in the various groups.

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N. Maria said...

Crazy sewing like a mad woman is like I am! Did you get them all finished?