Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wee Knits - New Tab

I have added a new page called Wee Knits.  Here you will find Preemie, 3 month size or doll clothes which I have knit during the week.  Check out my new Tab "Wee Knits" to see photos of my creations.

On another note, the quilting and stitching have taken a back seat for a week or two as I am slowly getting over a miserable cold.  My attention span this week is definitely ADHD, more than 5 minutes of focus is a miracle.  No focus is needed when I knit because I can knit with my eyes closed LOL.

This snow is certainly giving us a real taste of winter this year.  It slows down traffic and gives a person a nice time to have cocoa, coffee or tea and use their creativity to think about new projects.  In my case, I decided to tackle my sewing storage room---well!  I found about 5 quilt tops waiting to be sandwiched, 3 quilts half quilted, never mind the swedish weaving and all the "one" socks.  So I have my UFO list cut out for me this month.

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