Monday, October 13, 2014

October is here already

Wow!  time just flies when you are busy.  I have been working on Block 6 for my applique quilt and the time just flies by.  This block has grapes on it, so I am stitching little circles and they take forever to get them perfectly round.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving as hubby and I are still fighting bad colds and we don't want to share that awful cold with our friends.

I am working on a round robin and managed to make up a rag quilt for a new baby last week.  I also embroidered an apron for a gentleman, President of the P.S.A.C. union, and is traveling to Florida for the winter.

My photos will be uploaded later on with some of the items I am working on.

Right now my UFO list has 3 Round Robins (the lady before me is over-enthusiastic),
Long Dog Sampler-Opus Magnusum
3 Quilts in Progress
My Trent Valley Quilt Challenge

These are just a few, never mind the Christmas ornaments to be done, the socks to be knit etc.

Check back in a couple of weeks for photos.

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