Friday, February 13, 2015

Hell Week

Everybody has a story about their week from hell, well this was my week.

Monday, I had to go to the dentist as my tooth which ached all over the weekend, decided to abscess.
Tuesday, we had to make the decision for Dusty
Wednesday was x-rays and ultrasounds for bursitis in my hip
Thursday was the root canal on the abscessed tooth which didn't freeze properly.
Friday (today) I am just exhausted on pain killers and antibiotics.  Almost no stitching done in this week.

Next week looks a little better. I only have to go to the Dentist on Tuesday for Part 2 of the root canal.  After that I should be able to produce some photos. 

Our Quinte Needlearts Guild has a doll which is making the rounds of members who will give her features, body parts, clothes etc.  Sandwich Sally came home with my last Thursday and she has been painting a landscape with me.  As you can see I gave her a makeover (a face and beautiful blonde hair).  I created a miniature paintbrush from a toothpick and hairs from a stencil brush.  Her palette is a plastic lid cut and I put dabs of acrylic paint to make up the pallette.  It will be somebody else's turn to  give her more clothes.

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