Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Time to write again and do some updates

We are just around the corner from June and where has all the time gone?  I have been busy working on an EAC Pulled Thread course which became a real challenge for me.  I was working on the hem and then you trim the excess fabric.  I was too enthusiastic and trimmed some of the stitches which meant that the hem had to be redone.

These past 2 weeks and next week have been like a large checklist for me as things come to a close.  Tuesdays are the day I usually go paint but today was our luncheon and we put our paints away for the summer until September arrives.  √ (check)

Quinte Needlearts Guild had their Annual General Meeting.  I took the minutes for the group and have submitted them to the President for approval and distribution √ (check)

Next week is the embroidery guild luncheon √ (check)

Virtual Threads has an executive meeting coming up and I had to submit a Webmaster's Report this week.  I have done this, it was a little short but covered this quarter.  √ (check)

Last but not least is the newsletter which is a work in progress. I hope to finalize that tomorrow and get approval before making copies.  √ (check)

I received my chocolate brown fabric from 123 stitch in just under 2 weeks.  its very exciting and my new project will soon be on its way.   √ (check)

A friend in Florida passed away and I will be receiving some of her stash.  Its quite exciting, she has a huge collection of Margaret Sherry cat patterns which are going to be mine.   √ (check)

After all of the above, I have the summer months free to quilt, sew, stitch and garden!  Yayyy!  Its like having a 3 month vacation with no definite commitments. 

Watch for more photos later this week.  Thank you to all my loyal followers.

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